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Anonymous asked: This might sound strange, but I found you through the HNKNA tag, and just wanted to congratulate you on making the characters more 3dimentional than quin rose could never do. The emotion, the way you make the world of wonderland seem so much bigger, and the way how each every character looked different in a way that suited them, were just fantastic :)

(I was going to answer this in private but then I realised that it was an anon and I feel obligated to answer it in any way possible.)

First things first, THANK YOU!!!!!!!<3 I’m honored that people still see my old HnKnA fanart and enjoy it even when I’ve sort of given up on it. Its good to know the studies weren’t for nothing!

Second, I have mixed feelings about how I looked at the characters, but this kind of makes me have to confront them, so thank you for bringing it up. In a way, a lot of the experimentation I was doing was sort of a buffer for my own expectations in the stories. I never actually played the games, but I had this expectation that they should touch me in some way. I had already gone through Silent Hill 2 and Jacobs Ladder, so whenever Psychology came up I always expected somehow We’re going to get a well written story with deep characters and themes touching on human perception and consciousness, and how much can you trust your memories. Naturally I expected HnKnA to get into, or at least touch on , this sort of stuff.

But honestly, I didnt have the right to expect this.

HnknA is not a franchise about diverse characters, expression, world building, or even psychology in any way. Its about a bunch of Pretty guys that you meet and dance around how you wanna kiss them. Everything else, even its connection to Alice in Wonderland itself, is tacked on to separate the mechanics from other visual romance novels. If HnKnA was supposed to be a game about Wonderland and its odd inhabitants, it would be an entirely different game(They have Christian churches? Why do they have a christian Church? Certainly not for a world building aspect, but more so, its there for the end game marriage scene.)

(whedidthisgetsolong)SO IN THE END ANON I’n grad that you liked my doodles, but I don’t think I should be congratulated for their diversity. At the time I didnt understand what kind of a franchise HnKnA was supposed to be, so I was kind of drawing what I wanted it to be.Neither interpretation is wrong, and even I would like to explore its core aspects, just as I tried to explore its alternate focuses.